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Wuthering Bytes 2017 Programme Announced

February 09, 2017

Mass spectrometry demo at Festival Day 2016. Image copyright Craig Shaw photography.

We're excited to be able to announce the programme for Wuthering Bytes 2017 and once again we are fortunate to have a fantastic line-up of participating events! 

As with the previous year, the festival will run over the course of 10 days, launching on Friday 1st September with the Festival Day — a celebration of technology in everyday life and beyond! Stay tuned for details of speakers and talks as these are confirmed.

Regular fixture, Open Source Hardware Camp will then take place over the course of the weekend of 2nd & 3rd, featuring a day filled with talks on talks on topics related to open source hardware, electronics, embedded systems, Internet of Things and much more. Following which the entire Sunday will be dedicated to a day of hands-on workshops, including the always popular soldering workshop for novices, which will once again be based around the unique Open Source Hardware Camp Kit that delegates will receive.

Chips for everyone!

Weds 6th & Thurs 7th is Chip Hack, a two day workshop that provides a gentle introduction to programming FPGAs (programmable chips) and is aimed at complete novices with no prior experience of Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) or FPGAs.

Following on from Chip Hack a team of experts will work through the evening and the following morning on an FPGA model of EDSAC, the first practical general purpose stored program electronic computer, designed and constructed at Cambridge University, and operational by 1949. Squeezing a computer which occupied a room 5m by 4m and consumed 12kW of power, into a tiny chip which consumes a fraction of a watt!

Finally, we are honoured to be joined on Fri 8th through Sun 10th by ORConf, an open source digital design and embedded systems conference, covering areas of electronics from the transistor level up to Linux user space and beyond. Expect presentations and discussion on free and open source IP projects, implementations on FPGA and in silicon, verification, EDA tools, licensing and embedded software, to name a few.

Interested in hosting an event?

As you can see, we've already got a fairly packed programme in store, but there is still opportunity for hosting additional events as part of the festival this year and if you'd like to find out more, please do get in touch.

Thanks to our sponsors

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank DesignSpark, Calderdale Council and Fourth Day PR for once again sponsoring the festival and whose support makes it possible. 

There are still a few smaller sponsorship packages available and for details drop us a line.

Super Early Bird Tickets

Finally, based on feedback from previous years and requests from the super organised, a number of Super Early Bird tickets have been made available for both Festival Day and Open Source Hardware Camp.

That's it for now and stay tuned for further details over the coming months!

Andrew & Tim


For all press, media interviews or press passes please contact:

Lizzie Wood, Fourth Day PR

020 7403 4411

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